Dangerous Fling

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He’s her rock star crush, her go-to fantasy, and he’s offering to make all her dreams come true…

Rock star Malcolm Strong is used to being in control. Of the band. Of his feelings. Of the woman he has tied to his bed. He never gets close enough to get hurt. He never wants to.

Until Lacey. The sassy brunette is working on the band’s latest music video. Which means he shouldn’t be picturing her naked. He doesn’t mix business and pleasure, but there’s something about her quick wit and her soft curves–

Mal has to have her.

Lacey Waltz is dreaming. That’s the only explanation for a six foot three, inked up, rock star s*x god offering to be her fling. And not just any rock star. Mal. The guy with the piercing blue eyes and the breathy, tortured voice. The guy who’s poster hung on her dorm room wall for three years straight. The guy she thinks about every night when she… ahem.

Friends with benefits sounds perfect. The last thing Lacey needs is more heartbreak. But how is she supposed to be casual with the man she’s been fantasizing about for the last four years?

13 thoughts on “Dangerous Fling

  1. Loved them all!!! I don’t want the series to end. Joel is my favorite so far, but there’s just something about Mal! 😙

  2. What day is it going to be released?? I just reread all the books… Lol. I can’t wait much longer!!!!

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