Dangerous Touch

Dangerous Touch is coming May 2017

He’s my rock star crush, my go-to fantasy. And he’s offering to make all my dreams come true…

There’s no way this is real.

Malcolm Strong.

Broad shoulders, inked arms, those perfect blue eyes…
His words are poetry.
His voice is sex.
He’s my rock star wet dream.
Only, he’s half-naked in front of me-
And I’m wide awake.
I’m in his bed.
I’m kissing Mal, touching Mal, pressed up against Mal.
It’s pretend–we’re shooting the next Dangerous Noise music video– but it feels real.
After the shoot, Mal finds me.
He wants me as his new f-buddy.
It’s just sex.
No feelings.
It ends if either one of us develop feelings.
I want him.
But can I really handle this?

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