Crystal Kaswell is a new adult romance author. She writes scorching hot books with damaged characters who help each other heal.

These are some of her books.

40 thoughts on “Home

  1. I know that my alarm is going to go off early, but there is no way I could put the Billionaires series down! Great series!! I’m looking forward to reading this from Blake’s view. For now tho… sleep. 😁

  2. The book that I just finished and really really enjoyed was The Billionaire’s Deal. It was very intriguing, and sensual. The ending to this book will make me buy the rest of the series because it really caught my attention and has wet my appetite. Great read.

  3. I just read the billionaire’s deal I must say that I was spellbound from start to finish ,I can’t wait to read the other wonderful creations you think up .It’s so refreshing to enjoy a book grabs at your imagination form the very first word,I know that I am truly a fan.

  4. I just finished your rockstar book . It was amazing and I love how you portrayed the characters. You put a lot of thought and aloud us to experience love, honesty and etc… Thank you,

    • Hey Michelle,
      If you sign up for my mailing list (you can click the subscribe link in the menu), you get a welcome email with all the alternate POV scenes!


  5. Oh my! I couldn’t put Billionaires Deal down. I had to read it all even though I’ve been sick and should have been sleepin! Who can sleep when Blake is so HOT and dominating. I got excited several times! Mmmm mmm good!

  6. The Billionaires Need is even better than Kat and Blake’s story. I can’t say all I want here but let’s just say it will leave you “breatheless.” Best book ever! It’s going to be hard to top this one!

  7. I read the Billionaires Deal first and the Christmas bonus and then I read Kat’s sisters story in The Billionaires Intern and it was so freaking hottttt! The Intern was sooooo good!!! Love your style of writing especially the steamy, hot, sexy scenes.

  8. Hi. I just signed up and joined the subscribe list. I got the welcoming email but did not see how to get the alternate pov for Sing Your Heart Out or any alternate pov. I would love to get them. I really enjoyed Sing Your Heart Out.

  9. Just finished Strum Your Heart Out, loved it! How can I get the bonus Miles or any alternate POV? I Subscribed but didn’t get the link in the email. I already checked my spam folder. Is there a way for me to get them?

  10. I would also love the POV. I signed up but nothing g as well…. My heart is in shambles because I’m getting impatient with Pete story lol

    • His book is coming along. It will be worth waiting for. He has surprised me a lot. He’s quite… take charge 😉

      The welcome email is supposed to go out immediately but I’ve been having a lot of issues with it lately. I’ll send you the scenes directly now!

  11. Hi I loved Sinful Serenade series! I just signed up for your mailing list but didn’t get an email with the links for the alternate pov. Check my inbox and spam. How long does it usually take?

    • It should be sent immediately. I’ve been having a lot of issues lately and I’m looking into switching mailing list services. I’ll send yours directly.

  12. Also it says there are more books to come from the billionaires series when will that be? Can’t get enough of all these books!

    • Hey Emily,

      I am planning to add another book to the billionaires series sometime this summer or fall, but it’s still in the air, so I can’t make any promises yet. I’ll send you the alt POV scenes directly 🙂

  13. I have just finished reading “the billionaires control” loved it. Also read “the billionaires deal” I couldn’t put either one down. Looking forward to reading more In this series. I would love to see Lizzy’s best friend get her own story.

  14. I’ve just found the Sinful Serenades series and could not put them down!!! I’m almost done with Rock Your Heart Out and I’m getting depressed thinking I’ll have to wait a few days to read Play Your Heart Out. Love this series!

  15. Is there a bonus scene for Pete’s pov. Just finished reading Play Your Heart Out and am excited to read his version

    • Of course, I wouldn’t deprive Pete of his bonus scene 🙂 I’ll be sending it out on Thursday or Friday.

  16. Have recently found your work on Amazon… In the past two weeks I’ve devoured the Billionaire books, the Rouse Me trilogy, and all of the Sinful series. Of which. I had to wait patiently until today for Play Your Heart Out was released. Which I just finished, and loved it by the way.

    Thank you, for sharing your gift. It’s a welcome vacation from reality. Much appreciated.

  17. Wow!!! Just finished with Pete’s story. Those were some really great books. You are trully amazing. Excited for the next book.

  18. Just finished Meg and Miles atory, and all i can say i want more. Going to read the other books, but PLEASE PLEASE write more about Meg and Miles xxxxx

  19. I didn’t receive the male POV for Pete. Will you please send.

    I loved Tom & Willow will you write more about them?

    • Hey Tina, I’ll be sending out all the bonus scenes next week. If you’re on my mailing list, you’ll see them 🙂

      Tom and Willow will be in Sinful Ever After. Each couple will have a story in that books. Theirs is quite juicy ;p I can absolutely see another novella or two for them. I’ll have to see how my readers respond to Sinful Ever After before I go writing any more sequels.

  20. So when do you look for sinful ever after to come out? Read all four books in like 5 days and can not wait to read more about these sexy as all get out rock boys!!!

  21. I just finished reading all 4 books back to back and I loved them all.
    I can’t wait for #5 to be released.

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